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Everything You Need About Spotify Duo - Enjoy Spotify Music Together

Updated on: April 22, 2024
Category: Spotify Tips

Spotify launched Duo Premium on July 1, 2020, targeting couples or roommates sharing the same address. The subscription plan offers a more affordable way to enjoy Premium features together. If you are still unclear on Spotify Duo, this page will answer you all.

About Spotify Duo

Part 1. About Spotify Duo

What is Spotify Duo? Who Can Sign Up Spotify Duo?

Spotify Duo is a special plan for 2 persons who live together, like couples or roommates. With Spotify Duo, each person gets their own account, so they can have their own music preferences. It's a way to share Spotify Premium together and save money compared to having two separate Premium accounts.

How Much is Spotify Duo?

How much does Spotify Duo cost? Generally, it should be lower than the cost of two individual Spotify Premium subscriptions. And for now, Spotify Duo is at $14.99/month. Here are the differences among Spotify Individual, Spotify Duo, and Spotify Family.

Spotify Individual Spotify Duo Spotify Family
Price $11.99/mo $16.99/mo $19.99/mo
Account 1 account 2 accounts 6 accounts
Duo Mix check no no
Ads Free check check check
Download Offline check check check
Unlimited Skips check check check
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What Benefits from Spotify Duo?

With Spotify Duo, you get these perks:

Duo Mix Playlist: Share a playlist with your partner that blends both your music tastes.

Personal Recommendations: Each person has their own Premium account, so you get playlists, recommendations, and music tailored just for you.

No Ads: Listen to Spotify without annoying ads popping up between songs.

Offline Listening: Download your favorite Spotify tracks to listen to them offline whenever you want.

High-Quality Sound: Both of you can enjoy top-notch Spotify songs at up to 320kbps.

Part 2. Use Spotify Duo

How to Set Up Spotify Duo?

Spotify Duo is an easy way to share a musical experience with your special someone, family member, or close friend. Getting started with Spotify Duo is a breeze.

Step 1 Directly visit Spotify official page. Scroll down and find Premium Duo plan.

Step 2 Click "Get Premium Duo", and pay for the Duo subscription.

Get Premium Duo

Step 3 On a new page, you will be prompted to enter your home address. Enter and find your location, and "Confirm". Now, you are the manager in this Spotify Duo plan.

enter spotify duo address

Note: If you're already in Spotify Family or have Premium through another company (like your phone or internet provider), you need to cancel there or wait until your current Premium subscription ends.

How to Invite Your Partner to Join Spotify Duo?

You can directly invite your friends to Spotify Duo on the initial page.

Step 1 Keep going and click "Invite your partner".

invite spotify duo partner

Step 2 Then you will be directed to your account center, scroll down and you will find the invitation link stay there. Just send the invitation URL to your partner and ask him to join in.

How to Accept Spotify Premium Duo Invitation

Accepting a Spotify Premium Duo invitation is easy. Just click the link in the invitation, and you'll be taken to the Spotify Duo page. Hit "Accept Invite", and you're all set!

accept spotify duo invite

How to Mix a Playlist with Your Duo Partner?

Spotify Premium Duo's standout feature, Duo Mix, tailors a shared music experience for two subscribers. Duo Mix creates a personalized playlist by combining tracks both of you play. Operating the playlist automatically as you explore and listen to new music, embodying a collaborative mix of artists and genres.

Step 1 Just open Spotify app, and log into your Spotify Duo Premium account.

Step 2 On your profile, you'll see options like "Duo Mix", "People on This Duo Plan", and "Your Address".

Step 3 Choose "Duo Mix,", then "Join Duo Mix".

Join Duo Mix

Part 3. Cancel Spotify Duo

How to Remove Someone from Spotify Duo?

As long as you are Spotify Duo's manager, removing someone from Spotify Duo is a straightforward process. Here are the steps:

Step 1 Directly head to and log into your account.

Step 2 Click "Spotify Duo" in the left panel, and tap your partner icon.

Remove Someone from Spotify Duo

Step 3 On a new window, click "Remove".

Remove Someone from Spotify Duo

How to Cancel Spotify Duo?

You may find that Spotify Duo no longer meets your needs and want to cancel it or switch to another Spotify Premium plan. Please follow the detailed tutorial below to cancel Spotify Duo or leave your friend's Duo.

Step 1 Go to your Sopotify account page, then log into your Premium Duo account.

Step 2 Click "Subscription" on the left, then find the "Spotify Free plan". Click the "Cancel Premium" there to end your Spotify Duo.

Cancel Spotify Duo
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What happens if Spotify Duo is canceled?

Canceling Spotify Duo downgrades both primary and subsidiary accounts to the free version, removing Premium features like ad-free listening, offline playback, and unlimited skips. Fortunately, your playlists and liked songs stay still. The only change is that music downloads are disabled, while your music collection and favorites remain intact.

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Part 4. FAQs on Spotify Duo

Q1: Can I use Spotify Duo with someone not living together?

A: Spotify Duo is designed for users living at the same address. The primary requirement for Spotify Duo is that both users must reside at the same physical address to be eligible for the plan.

However, a Reddit user shared a workaround, stating they successfully created a Duo account with someone living across the country by using the address of a sports arena for both parties to enter:

"I’ve done a Duo account with someone across the country. I just used the address of a sports arena for us both to enter." -- Review from Reddit User

Keep in mind that this method may become invalid due to the change in Spotify's terms of service.

Q2: How to fix Spotify Duo not accepting address?

A: If Spotify Duo is rejecting your address, troubleshoot with the following steps to ensure a successful Spotify Duo experience:

Verify Address: Confirm that your address is listed on Google Maps. Spotify relies on Google's database, so an unlisted address may cause recognition issues.

Optimal Formatting: Use a straightforward format with words and numbers only. Avoid special characters or complex formatting.

Clear Browser Cache: Old data stored in your browser may interfere with new inputs. So try to clear cache on your browser.

Check Account Countries: Ensure both accounts are in the same country.

Resend Invitation: If the invite recipient struggles, resend the invitation or confirm your email address for a smoother process.

Q3: Can I change the Spotify Duo plan manager?

A: To change the Duo Premium plan manager on Spotify, the only way you could do is to cancel the current Duo subscription and have the new manager start a new Duo subscription.

Q4: Do I have a student discount on Spotify Duo?

A: Spotify Duo and Spotify Student are different subscription plans. Subscribing to Spotify Duo means you won't enjoy the benefits offered by the Premium Student plan.

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The End

Spotify Duo is a cool plan for two people living together. It costs $14.99/month and gives you shared playlists, personalized recommendations, no ads, etc.

If you cancel Spotify Duo, though, you lose some features. NoteBurner Spotify to MP3 Converter helps keep Spotify music downloads forever even after canceling.

Note: The free trial version of NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter is limited to convert the first 1 minute of each song. You can buy the full version to unlock the limitation.

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