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Find & Download Apple Music Replay 2023 Playlists

Updated on: April 29, 2024
Category: Apple Music Tips

Apple Music Replay offers listeners the opportunity to review your listening history and obtain a summary of your most-played songs and artists throughout the 2023 whole year. It is somewhat similar to Spotify Wrapped or other year-end summary features provided by music streaming services. Next, let's find out your Apple Music Replay listening stats on web, desktop, and iPhone & Android phone. Also, you can also download Apple Replay playlist for forever listening.

find Apple Music replay 2023

How to Find Apple Music Replay 2023?

The general process should remain relatively similar. Here are the detailed steps you can follow to find 2023 Apple Music Replay on computer, smartphone, and web browser.

For Music Desktop App on Mac

Step 1 Open the "Music" app on your Mac, and log into your Apple Music account.

Step 2 Click "Listen Now" on the left panel, and scroll down to find the "Replay: Your Top Songs By Year". There you can find out your Apple Music Replay in 2023, 2022, and 2021.

find apple replay on mac

For iTunes Desktop App on Windows

Step 1 Open the iTunes app on your PC, and log into your Apple Music.

Step 2 Click the "For You" label, then you may find the Apple Music year-end summaries section there.

find apple replay on windows itunes

For Apple Music App on Android & iPhone

Step 1 Open the Apple Music app on your phone, and log into your music account.

Step 2 On the panel of "Listen Now", scroll to the bottom and you should find out the Apple Music Replay playlist.

find apple replay on android iphone

For Apple Music Web Player on Browser

Step 1 Open a browser on your device, then directly go to "". Also, log into your music account.

Step 2 Click "Get Started" on the main screen and follow the prompts to get your 2023 Apple Music Replay playlist.

find apple replay on online browser

How to Download Entire Apple Music Replay Playlist?

After identifying your carefully curated list of top songs on Apple Music for 2023, the next step is to download your Replay playlist for offline listening.

For this purpose, we recommend a specialized approach — use NoteBurner Apple Music Converter to efficiently download the entire Apple Music Replay playlist in MP3 format. This method enables you to enjoy your personalized Apple playlists on any device or music player without any restrictions. This NoteBurner tool is designed to convert various Apple Music songs, audiobooks, radios, and podcasts, into MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, or ALAC formats while preserving high-resolution lossless quality.

apple msuic converter banner
Features of NoteBurner Apple Replay Playlist Downloader:
  • Record Apple Music song, podcast, iTunes M4P Music & audiobook;
  • Convert Apple Music streams to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, AAC, or ALAC;
  • Convert Apple Music songs at 10X faster speed with 100% lossless quality;
  • Keep ID3 tags and metadata & lyric;
  • Support the latest version of iTunes/Apple Music.
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The next part is going to show you how to use NoteBurner to download your entire 2023 Apple Replay playlists. You can also use this software to download your Apple Music library all at once.

Step 1 Add Apple Music Replay Playlist to Library

Once you find out your 2023 Replay reel, click the three-dot and choose "Add to Playlist".

add apple replay to library

Step 2 Log into Apple Music Account

Open NoteBurner on your Mac, then need to log into your music account on the web player window.

Note: NoteBurner needs to work with an Apple Music account but it will never take any other information from your account other than the songs.

log into apple music account

Step 3 Add Apple Music 2023 Replay Playlist to NoteBurner

Next, on the Apple Music web player window, open the Replay playlist and click "Add" at bottom right. Then your top songs will be listed automatically.

add replay songs

Step 4 Choose MP3 Output Format

Go to the settings window, where you are able to select output path, output quality, and output format. Here please choose the "MP3" option in the output format setting.

set mp3 output format

Step 5 Download Apple Music Replay Playlists

Click "Convert" and it will quickly download your Apple Music songs to MP3, while saving them to your local computer drive.

download apple music replay playlist

Once downloaded successfully, go to the "Converted" tab and you will find all your offline top Apple Music songs.

offline apple music replay songs

FAQs on Apple Music Replay

In this part, we'll show the answers to some common questions about Apple Music Replay so you can learn more about this exciting feature.

Q1: How to Fix Apple Music Replay Not Working?

If you can't find your Apple Music Replay, there are several troubleshooting:

1) Ensure that your internet connection is stable to retrieve your listening data.

2) Make sure you are using the latest version of the Apple Music/iTunes app.

3) As long as you have played enough music, you will get a notice that your Replay is ready.

4) Go to Settings on your device and make sure your "Listening History" is turned on.

Q2: How to share Apple Music replay Reel?

Find your Apple Music Replay playlist (usually named "Replay + Year"), click the three-dot icon at the upper right, and choose the "Share playlist..." option.

share apple music replay
Q3: Can I Find Apple Music All Time Stats?

Apple Music doesn't provide a built-in feature for displaying all-time listening history statistics within its app or website. If you're interested in obtaining your Apple Music all-time stats, you may need to use third-party services, like

The End

Here you can find out various methods to find your Apple Music Replay stats on computer, phone, and the web page. If you guys also want to download your Apple Music 2023 top songs, we recommend to use NoteBurner Apple Music Converter to truly download your Apple Music titles to MP3, or other open-source music formats. After that, you can even keep Apple Music songs forever, even after the subscription.

Note: Tips: Currently, NoteBurner provides a free trial version that allows you to convert the first 1 minute of each song. You can buy the full version to unlock this limitation and enable all its features. And it is suggested to download the trial version and test if it meets your needs for Apple Music converting.

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