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Get Up to 6 Months of Free Spotify Premium - Still Work in 2023

Spotify offers a free trial of Spotify Premium, which allows users to experience the benefits of the service without having to commit to a paid subscription. This trial gives users access to ad-free listening, 320kbps high-quality audio, on-demand playback, and offline streaming.

Users can visit Spotify website and click on the "Start Free Trial" button to directly sign up for a 1-month Spotify Premium free trial. Or there're also some time-limited special offers that you could get 2-month, 3-month, or even 6-month of Spotify Premium free trial. Read on and we will list them one by one.

Note: After the Spotify Premium free trial ends, you will be automatically enrolled in a paid subscription. You can cancel the subscription at any time during the free trial period.

get spotify premium free trial

Part 1. Get 6 Free Months of Spotify Premium

Normally, Spotify offers new users a free 30-day trial of Spotify Premium, but did you know that you have the possibility to get a Spotify Premium 6-month free trial with Walmart?

To take advantage of this offer, simply sign up for a new Spotify account and enter your new Walmart ID number when prompted. Then you can redeem the 6-month Spotify Premium free trial. This is an incredible deal that you could save around $60 for the first 6 months of your individual Spotify Premium subscription.

Entrance: From Spotify
or from Walmart

Note: This offer is valid till May 7, 2023.

spotify premium free trial 6 months

Part 2. Get 3 Free Months of Spotify Premium

Through our careful selection and inspection, there're two feasible methods to obtain a 3-month trial of Spotify Premium - one is from PayPal, and another is from Samsung Galaxy mobile.

2.1 Sign Up 3 Months Spotify Premium Free Trial with PayPal

Spotify provides a free trial of Spotify Premium, an upgraded service with multiple excellent functions. You can sign up for Spotify with various payment methods, such as Credit/debit card, Prepaid cards, Gift cards, PayPal, and so on. If you choose PayPal from the payment dropdown to sign up, you'll get the first 3 months of Spotify Premium free.

Entrance: From Spotify
or from PayPal

Note: This offer is valid till September 15, 2023

spotify premium free trial 3 months on paypal

2.2 Get 3-Month Spotify Premium Free Trial from Samsung Galaxy Phone

Start from May 31, 2022, Samsung and Spotify work together and bring up with a 3-month of Spotify Premium free trial. Not all Samsung users are able to get this offer. Only those who purchase galaxy smartphones and tablets between May 31, 2022 and May 30, 2023 have the entrance to get 3 months Spotify Premium trial.

If your device is eligible and you've already signed up for a Samsung Galaxy account, simply launch the Spotify app and follow the reminders to start with your Spotify Premium trial, this should be free for 3 months long.

Entrance: Open Spotify app on your Samsung Galaxy device, tab "Premium" and choose "Spotify Premium for Samsung".

Note: This offer is valid till May 30, 2023

spotify premium free trial 3 months on samsung phone

Part 3. Get 2 Free Months of Spotify Premium

Only those who sign up for Spotify Premium service for the first time could benefit from the free trial period. If you're new to Spotify, you can now join its current offer of 2 months free Premium service, a time-limited Halloween Offer in 2022. After 2 months free trial, $9.99/month will be charged automatically.


Note: This offer is valid till October 31, 2022.

spotify premium free trial 2 months halloween

Extra Tips: Keep Spotify Songs after Spotify Premium Free Trial

What happens after cancelling Spotify Premium? Exactly, your Premium subscription will stay until your next billing date, then your Spotify Premium account will switch to Spotify Free. At that time, you'll lose all Spotify downloaded songs, and cannot stream Spotify playlists in 320kbps high quality.

But no worries, this part we will discuss a workable method to extract MP3 from Spotify music with no quality loss, so you could keep enjoying the offline Spotify songs even after the Premium service ends.

What you need is a professional tool, NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter, also called NoteBurner Spotify to MP3 Downloader. It helps to download and convert Spotify playlists to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, or ALAC plain format with original sound quality & ID3 tags kept.

spotify msuic converter banner
Features of NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter:
  • Extract MP3, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, WAV, or ALAC files from Spotify.
  • Record songs at 10X speed with 100% lossless quality.
  • Keep ID3 tags and metadata.
  • Support burning Spotify music to CD in one-click.
  • Upload music to OneDrive directly.
  • Ease to use and support batch conversion.
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Free Upgrade

To convert Spotify songs to MP3 so that you can play them after the Spotify free trial ends, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1 Download and open NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter.

Step 2 Drag and drop the songs or playlists from Spotify app to NoteBurner for adding. Check on the music tracks in the list and click "OK".

add spotify road trip music

Step 3 Go to the "Setting" window on NoteBurner, then choose the "MP3" output format. You're allowed to select other output settings also.

mp3 output format

Step 4 Click "Convert" and NoteBurner will quickly convert your selected Spotify playlists as MP3 files locally.

downloaded spotify music driving music

Once downloaded, the output folder will be opened by default. You'll find out all the offline Spotify music tracks then.

Bottom Line

Everyone loves freebie, the free trial of Spotify Premium is not exception. Spotify always provides special offers to attract more subscribers. From this post, you'll get up to 6 months Spotify free Premium trial under a couple of methods. And if you need to keep Spotify downloads playable after the free trial, this article also shows you the best Spotify Music Converter from NoteBurner to fix your difficulty.

Note: The free trial version of NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter allows you to convert the first 1 minute of each song. You can buy the full version to unlock the limitation.

What's next? Get the full version of NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter now!

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