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Top 10 Popular Playlist on Spotify You Should Know

Spotify provides access to over 70 million songs, with more music being added every day. Users can enjoy any of their favorite songs and discover more songs for streaming by using the Spotify Music discovery features, such as “Discover Weekly”. But it is really difficult to discover some playlists that very suit their tastes. So here we make a list of top 10 best playlists on Spotify to you to discover easily the most popular tracks for streaming.

1. Today's Top Hits
  • 100 songs
  • By: Spotify
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Today's Top Hits ♫
  • Introduction: The 50 best from the world of music. Always fresh and always brand new.
Today's Top Hits
2. Your Favorite CoffeeHouse
our Favorite CoffeeHouse
3. Teen Party
  • 50 songs
  • By: Spotify
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Teen Party ♫
  • Introduction: Tove Lo is picking the music in Teen Party this weekend!
I Had a Dream That You Were Mine
4. The Sweet Suite
  • 38 songs
  • By: Spotify
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ The Sweet Suite ♫
  • Introduction: Come inside The Sweet Suite and get in the mood with some amazing R&B ballads.
The Sweet Suite
5. Acoustic Love
  • 96 songs
  • By: Spotify
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Acoustic Love ♫
  • Introduction: Songs to soundtrack your love story. From butterflies and first kisses to bittersweet memories.
Acoustic Love
6. Totally Stress Free
  • 99 ongs
  • By: Spotify
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Totally Stress Free ♫
  • Introduction: No need to stress out. Stay relaxed with these easy, upbeat songs.
Totally Stress Free
7. Relax & Unwind
Relax & Unwind
8. Have a Great Day!
Have a Great Day!
9. Wake Up Happy
  • 100 songs
  • By: Spotify
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Wake Up Happy ♫
  • Introduction: Set the mood of your day with these awesome, happy songs!
Wake Up Happy
10. Broken Heart
  • 100 songs
  • By: Spotify
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Broken Heart ♫
  • Introduction: Time will mend a broken heart..... Eventually. In the meantime, nurse your wounds with these heartbreak tracks.
Broken Heart

Extra tips: How to Save Spotify Playlist on Computer Forever

Do you want to download and save these wonderful Spotify playlists on your computer forever? Or burn them to a special CD for playing in your car? If so, you need to record these Spotify playlists as MP3 files. To easily record Spotify, we highly recommend NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter, which is a professional Spotify music converter to help you record and convert these Spotify playlists to MP3, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, WAV, or ALAC format in lossless quality. Thus you can keep them forever even canceling the subscription and stream on any devices as you want.

Detailed Guide: How to Record Spotify Playlist

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