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Recommended 10 Christmas Playlists on Spotify

Updated on: April 21, 2024
Category: Spotify Tips

The year 2023 is coming to an end, which means that Christmas is coming. Are you ready for the coming soon Christmas holiday? To make your home, cafe, and other places Christmasy, playing Christmas music is the most indispensable thing. Here we carefully sort out 10 Christmas playlists on Spotify, including many genres such as classic, pop, jazz, electronic, pure music, etc. NoteBurner sincerely hopes that everyone can enjoy a wonderful Christmas holiday.

To download Christmas songs from Spotify to MP3, just try this Christmas Song MP3 Downloader:

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1. Best Christmas Playlist 2022 - All The Classic Xmas Hits In One Place

Best Christmas Playlist
  • Made by: Jperrera
  • Genre: Classic, Jazz
  • Enjoy in Spotify:
  • Best Christmas Playlist 2022 - All The Classic Xmas Hits In One Place ♫
  • Length: 2hr 28min
  • Search "Christmas playlist" on Google, you will find a recommended Q&A linked to this playlist. This playlist contains 52 songs in total, including pure music, Christmas classics, and some Christmas pop songs, which will bring you to a wonderful and warm Christmas holiday.

2. Christmas Classics

    • Made by: Spotify
    • Genre: Classic, Jazz
    • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Christmas Classics ♫
    • Length: 3hr 7min
    • The Christmas Classics playlist is officially made by Spotify. It is consists of 65 classic Christmas songs, most of the songs in this playlist are in English, and others of them are pure music, German songs, and Spanish songs.

3. Christmas Pop

Christmas Pop
  • Made by: Spotify
  • Genre: Pop music
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Christmas Pop ♫
  • Length: 8hr 38min
  • The Christmas Pop playlist is officially made by Spotify. Consisting of 160 Christmas songs made by popular singers, the Christmas Pop playlist is long enough that you can play it from start to the end at a Christmas party. Enjoy this playlist with your friends!

4. Christmas Hits

Christmas Hits
  • Made by: Spotify
  • Genre: Pop, Jazz, Classic
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Christmas Hits ♫
  • Length: 6hr 19min
  • The Christmas Hits playlist is suitable for people of all ages. If you spend Christmas with your family, then we recommend you to play this playlist. The Christmas songs contained in it include classic songs, popular songs, and nursery rhyme-style Christmas songs.

5. Christmas Jazz

Christmas Jazz
    • Made by: Spotify
    • Genre:Jazz
    • Enjoy in Spotify:♫ Christmas Jazz ♫
    • Length: 2hr 51min
    • If you are a big fan of Jazz, then the Christmas Jazz playlist you may prefer to listen to. Imagine that you and your family are enjoying Christmas Jazz during dinner, it must be a romantic night.

6. Electronic Christmas

Electronic Christmas
    • Made by: Spotify
    • Genre: Electronic
    • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Electronic Christmas ♫
    • Length: 2hr 10min
    • In the Electronic Christmas playlist, you will hear Christmas songs that are different from those classics. They are all popular styles of music right now. This playlist is perfect for a Christmas party. Just listen to the Electronic Christmas playlist with your friends!

7. Folksy Christmas

Folksy Christmas
    • Made by: Spotify
    • Genre: Folksy
    • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Folksy Christmas ♫
    • Length: 9hr 7min
    • Folksy Christmas songs are all in this playlist. Just enjoy your Christmas holiday with the perfect combination of piano, guitar, and vocals.

8. Christmas Peaceful Piano

Christmas Peaceful Piano
    • Made by: Spotify
    • Genre:  Pure Music
    • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Christmas Peaceful Piano ♫
    • Length: 4hr 8min
    • As the name suggests, all the music in this playlist is piano music. Without any human voice in songs, the Christmas Peaceful Piano playlist can create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

9. Disney Christmas

Disney Christmas
    • Made by: Spotify
    • Genre:  Children’s Song, Rock, Carols...
    • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Disney Christmas ♫
    • Length: 3hr 34min
    • Recommend this playlist for Disney big fans. This playlist will remind you of the wonderful plots in many Disney works. Parents can also choose this playlist and enjoy it with your kids.

10. Hip Hop Christmas

Hip Hop Christmas
  • Made by: Spotify
  • Genre:  Hip Pop
  • Enjoy in Spotify: ♫ Hip Hop Christmas ♫
  • Length: 2hr 52min
  • Christmas songs in a brand new style. If you are tired of listening to those classical Christmas songs, then you can try this playlist. Rap Christmas songs are also included in it.

Extra tips: How to Burn Spotify Christmas Songs to CDs

Christmas is coming soon. What gifts are you ready to give to your family members and friends? If you still don't prepare the gifts, what about burning Christmas songs to CDs and sending them to your family members and friends as gifts? It would be an awesome choice.

And here we could recommend you a tool called NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter to help you download Spotify songs and burn Spotify Christmas songs to CDs. NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter is a professional music downloading tool, which will help you all Christmas playlists from Spotify Free & Premium to MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, or ALAC format at 10X faster speed with lossless output audio quality, and keep ID3 tags after conversion. In this way, you can easily burn these Christmas playlists to a CD for streaming.

Detailed Tutorial: How to Burn Spotify Music to CDs

NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter

YouTube Video: How to Record Spotify Songs as MP3 Files:

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